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           Philip             February 2nd, 2010            9:58 pm                    Jacob,Thanks so much for posting this acitrle, it's really helped me get far in a project I'm working on. One question I have though that you could probably answer fairly quick.For your section titled  Retaining the Page Layout for Post Views within a Category Page,  how do you handle this scenario for posts that are in multiple categories?I'm currently working on a motion graphic artist portfolio site with projects that are in 3 separate categories: all projects, animation, composition, and design. All of the projects are part of the  all projects  category, in addition to at least one other category. I've created 4 separate project filter pages, each one that allows you to filter through either all projects, animation, composition, or design based. However, when I output the posts on say for example, the animation page, the permalink always reads /all-projects/post-name, since all of the posts are in the all projects category. So when I view that particular post and access it through the animation filter, the navigation shows all projects as being the current item, not animation.  Any ideas on how to handle this?Thanks a lot for this awesome acitrle.

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