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Climate change is not only or even primarily a scientific issue. It is also an economic, political, and (at least for some people) a cultural and even religious issue. In this category we focus on the scientific debate.

Scientists disagree on the causes and consequences of climate change for a number of reasons. First, climatology is still a very new discipline, so there is still more that is unknown than known. New discoveries are being reported in the peer-reviewed literature every day that change our understanding of how the climate works and man’s role in influencing climate.

The science of climate is also enormously complex, borrowing from a wide range of disciplines including astronomy, biology, chemistry, forecasting, geology, oceanography, and physics. Very few people are experts in more than one of these fields, so even scientists have to simply trust or believe what others say is the “consensus” of belief in this field. Disagreements arise when scientists choose to believe in different sources they think are authoritative.

Another reason scientists disagree about climate change is because the leading institutions that claim to speak with authority on the topic have been compromised by conflicts of interest, ideology, and politics. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), for example, is the most frequently cited authority in the climate debate, yet it is a political organization, not a scientific body, and its conflicts of interest and violation of the scientific process have been widely reported. It is simply not a reliable guide to the science of climate change.

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Biological effects of carbon dioxide enrichment

Essential Physics

Feedback Factors and Radiative Forcing

Global climate models and their limitations

Human health effects

Observations: extreme weather

Observations: Glaciers, Sea Ice, Precipitation, and Sea Level

Observations: temperature records

Solar variability and climate cycles

Species extinction

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