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The Environmental Protection Authority of Western Australia ("EPA") is a statutory authority within the Government of Western Australia and is the primary provider of independent environmental advice to the government. It was established on 1 January 1972. The EPA provides advice to the Minister for the Environment through various reports, as well as releasing statements to the public detailing significant environmental matters. Its role also includes formulation of environmental protection policies. A key function of the EPA is assessing resource and planning proposals and making recommendations to the Minister regarding the environmental acceptability of these proposals, as well as recommending environmental conditions which should be implemented in the event that proposals are approved by the Minister.

The Authority consists of five members, a full time Chairman, a part time Deputy, and three other part-time members. Members of the EPA board are not public servants. They are appointed by the Governor of Western Australia on the recommendation of the Minister for the Environment. Unusually for a government authority, under the Environmental Protection Act 1986, neither the Authority nor its Chairman are subject to the direction of the Minister.


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