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In The Skeptic’s Handbook, Joanne Nova offers “the strategies and tools you need to cut through the red herrings and avoid the traps.” While acknowledging that the climate is complex, she notes the debate over climate change really isn’t: “The only thing that matters here is whether adding more CO2 to the atmosphere will make the world much warmer.”

In an entertaining, colorful, easy-to-read, and almost comic-book-like presentation, Nova offers readers a “surgical strike”--cutting to the core of what matters--for debating global warming; identifies “the only four points that matter”; and describes what qualifies and does not qualify as “evidence.” (Hint: Computer models are not evidence!)

Nova is a professional speaker delivering science-based keynote addresses at conferences. She has hosted a children’s television series on science, done more than 200 radio interviews, performed for more than 50,000 students. She published the book, Serious Science Party Tricks and once managed a circus--The Shell Questacon Science Circus--performing science across Australia.

If you ever have occasion to discuss global warming with friends, colleagues, fellow students, or others, you will want multiple copies of this outstanding handbook.


Read full text online at:


The Heartland Institute - The Skeptics Handbook

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