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As a government department, the Department of Conservation (DOC) is subject to laws passed by Parliament.

The Department was formed in 1987 when the Conservation Act was passed to integrate conservation management functions. This Act sets out the majority of the Department's responsibilities and roles.

There is also specific legislation for such things as wildlife, reserves and national parks.

The Department of Conservation administers 25 Acts of Parliament and has functions under several others.

The department is not a free agent. It has only those functions explicitly stated in legislation. It reports to the Minister of Conservation and must carry out all the Minister’s lawful directives.

The Department of Conservation's challenge is to manage natural and historic heritage assets for the greatest benefit and enjoyment of all New Zealanders, by conserving, advocating and promoting natural and historic heritage so that its values are passed on undiminished to future generations.

Mission and Vision

The Department’s mission is:

To conserve New Zealand’s natural and historic heritage for all to enjoy now and in the future.

The Department’s vision is:

New Zealand is the greatest living space on Earth.



DOC - Legislation

DOC - Mission & Vision

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