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Repeal the Act! is a non-partisan lobby group calling for the abandonment and ultimate repealing of the Climate Change Act 2008 (CCA2008) from UK legislation. Repeal the Act! exists to communicate an alternative perspective to the allegedly biased presentation of the climate change debate promoted by the British government, Met Office, BBC and other mainstream media.



The Climate Change Act 2008 is unique to the UK committing its population to cutting carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 80% by 2050. At a cost of up to £18.3 billion every year for the next four decades it amounts to £734 billion, making it the most costly law ever put through Parliament. Around £760 a year for every household in the land will be needed to pay for thousands more ineffective wind turbines, rapidly rising carbon taxes, soaring electricity bills, and other futile, draconian carbon dioxide reduction regulatory exercises. Repeal the Act! was started by a group of UK citizens, many of whom are highly qualified scientists, engineers, economists, politicians and other professionals. They consider the science and economics, on which the Climate Change Act 2008 is based to be seriously flawed, and as such will have a devastating impact on the UK in many ways but no effect on global climate.


For some time many individuals who do not accept the orthodox view of climate change had growing concerns about the way in which the issue was handled. Well before the bill was set before parliament, several of these people tried to bring their misgivings to a wider audience but struggled to make headway. The passage of the bill in October 2008 was a turning point which precipitated an ad hoc group. As a group, the first significant event was Climate Fools Day 2009 when a meeting was held in Imperial Collage London to mark the anniversary of the Climate Change Act being passed through Parliament. Despite being essentially unfunded, it managed to attract substantial interest and brought together many sceptics of Anthropogenic Global Warming (aka Climate Change) for the first time. From this meeting grew the lobby group Repeal the Act!


They claim that the science under-pinning the Climate Change Act 2008 is derived from the United Nations Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (UN IPCC), an organisation which has purportedly been thoroughly discredited. Repeal the Act! believes there is no scientific, observational, evidence supporting the case that humanity has caused or can potentially cause any kind of global climate change through the combustion of hydrocarbons (commonly known as 'fossil fuels'). Thus the Climate Change Act 2008 is based upon flawed, highly politicised ‘science’ and equally deficient economic principles. Moreover, Repeal the Act! points out that the parliamentary bill (CCA2008) is supported by many high profile groups and individuals with vested interests and lavish funding; a proportion of which comes from UK taxpayers’ coffers. Even the coalition government's Prime Minister David Cameron and his deputy Nick Clegg MP are alleged [1] [2] to have close links to industries reliant upon subsidies that would be untenable without belief in anthropogenic climate change and associated policies.

Repeal the Act! supports the core principles of the International Climate Science Coalition.

Key Events

-Climate Fools Day 2009 – October 2009 at Imperial College, London

-Climate Fools Day 2010 – October 2010 at Parliament; reported by the Guardian

-Climate Conference 2011 – 19/3/2011, St. Ives, Cambridgeshire.

-Committee Meeting 14 April 2011, The Marcus Adams Room Reading at Town Hall.

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