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Paul Chesser is special correspondent for the Heartland Institute and director of Climate Strategies Watch, which assesses the development of global warming policies in the states. he is a contributing writer and blogger for American Spectator, specializing in investigative journalism and opinion writing. He also blogs regularly for the Cooler Heads Coalition, The Locker Room (John Locke Foundation), and From the Heartland. He is considered a top authority on climate change policy development at the state level and with regional initiatives (the Western Climate Initiative, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, and the Midwestern Greenhouse Gas Reduction Accord).

Chesser serves as an information and research resource for media across the country, as well as for conservative/libertarian think tanks, most of which have no environmental or energy policy analysts. He also has served as a liaison for the media and think tanks with economics researchers such as the Beacon Hill Institute and climate researchers such as the Science & Public Policy Institute, creating marriages in which they co-publish research on climate policies and then helps promote with his vast media contacts within their states.

Since joining Heartland on April 1, Chesser exposed the secret work by the new Alliance for Climate Education to infiltrate high schools with global warming alarmism and to recruit students for their cause - op-eds in Washington Examiner, Boston Herald, Chicago Daily Observer, San Francisco Examiner, and American Spectator, as well as talk radio appearances. He also exposed involvement of the Western Governors Association in the Western Climate Initiative without unanimous consent of member governors, as is required by their bylaws, and exposed plans by Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, chairman of Southern Governors Association, to promote a Southern regional cap-and-trade plan at this years annual SGA meeting

Chesser served as associate editor of Carolina Journal from 2001 to 2007, after a year as editor for two weekly community newspapers in Greensboro and Raleigh. His commentaries have appeared in dozens of newspapers across the country, including The Washington Post, The Washington Times,Washington Examiner, and the San Francisco Examiner. He has also written for National Review Online, The Weekly Standard Online, American Spectator, and WORLD magazine. His work has been cited by the Wall Street Journal and by radio talk hosts across the country, including Rush Limbaugh.

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